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Usually. A square is equal to 100 square feet of the 3-dimensional roof surface. We knew the roof was old and would need some repairs, but they are charging us almost double the estimate. I do not know how long I will stay in this house, so mainly the only purpose is to reduce the home insurance premiums, and also to have a peace of mind, when the hail storms hit. Below is the breakdown of typical costs you can expect for materials and professional installation: 1. Certainteed is better than IKO. Still, I was shocked at the quote, because only 2 years ago, when I got 3 separate quotes, they were all under $7,000! We will also assume that it’s a fairly steep roof and that there are large overhangs on each side of the house to help explain why the roof size is so much greater than the area of the home itself. But, as the saying goes, sometimes (not always) you get what you pay for. I am in central Florida and the original roof from newly built home that I bought in 1999 is on. Between storm and flex, which is better product, which is better value? The benefits of a turf roof are only reaped once the grueling installation is finally complete. Another added benefit is the fact that insulates the roof … If you would like to share more details about the approximate size of the roof in squares, roof height and steepness, number of levels/stories, removal and disposal (number of layers of old shingles) and what roofing materials have been quoted, then it will be possible to give you a more accurate assessment. As for the old shingles that were installed directly over the ice guard, well that one is just going to be the “mind over matter” kind of case. Subcontractors normally don’t get paid all that much, hence they often focus on volume, which means that sometimes they may have to cut corners. Water runs downhill and wind can blow it uphill. Although, in some ways, 3-tab shingles are more difficult to install (despite being lighter in weight) than architectural shingles. LA Community College. I was offered to have a ridge vent put on my roof for $1,200, or a 4 turtle vents are good enough. Many roofing companies use either 33% materials / 66% labor price breakdown formula or 40% / 60% split, while others price their jobs in a per square foot basis. $2,600 for 30 square? These are keys to roof health – and they correct two common reasons for warranty denials. Now, factor in another $1,000 for disposal of old shingles (dumpster and landfill fees) and building permits, and you have $7,000 for basic materials and supplies. It sounds like Joe has finally been vindicated! Never ever let anyone work on your property who isn’t licensed and doesn’t provide you with a written contract with the license number on it. This price includes up to 5 sheets of plywood replaced. You don’t have to put on the upgrade system to get a good roof, though. The roof will need new flashing. is needed and not covered through insurance, I try to just price it slightly over cost, as we try to make most of our profits on the roofing costs. New Materials are $5,500. The roof goes is constantly exposed to extreme heat and weather conditions, therefore, it doesn’t last as long as if it were protected. I was given a quote of $10,250 for a GAF Timberline system. My roofer charges me $0 extra for the tear off, so that is included. If the roof is good enough to hold for 10 years, it will hold for another 15. That is where the range comes in. If you are looking for value and quality, look for certified installers from manufacturers like GAF, Owens Corning, and smaller brands like Atlas, Tamko or IKO. This is our first time replacing a roof and we’re trying to save our budget to continue improving other areas of the house. Today, I kept getting told that higher prices had a lot to do with the “Tariffs”. $750 a sq, that’s highway robbery. It came off in trophy sized sheets. Pliability also comes into play in terms of mitigating the effects of a direct impact from large hail stones, but it’s not clear how much of a material difference there is between the two shingle products in terms of the actual performance. Is there a difference in replacement cost for manufactured home roofs vs. regular roofs? Turf materials are cut to fit in freight elevators and are easy to handle for workers. Florida has the strictest roofing laws in the nation. ft. on my single story, simple gabled roof. Roofing is the easiest to estimate. On the low end, we would have a quote of $6,000 for the warrantied roof replacement on a 15-square roof, and on the high-end of the spectrum, we would have a quote of $8,250. The most important factor in green roof maintenance is ensuring there are no leaks beneath the grass and soil. Now: If the true roof size is only say 12 squares and taking into account that this is just a small rural town in Michigan, with fairly low real estate values, and a fairly simple single-story roof replacement job, we would not be surprised if you found a quality local contractor/installer willing to do the whole job for the total amount of say between $5,500 and $6,500 with all the bells and whistles and a proper workmanship warranty for the new roof. My parents need their roof replaced. While it is true that $550 to $750 per square is the pricing range you would expect to see in the coastal North East and Mid-Atlantic region (Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland), this pricing would be too high for your area. Yes, the actual roof area is always greater than the floor plan square footage of the house, because there are often two-foot roof overhangs on each side of the roof, plus the roof slope to account for. It would be helpful to know whether there are any dormers, peaks and valleys on the roof to assess the relative complexity of the roof. Artificial turf on flat roofs is extremely cost effective. The system 33% / 66% split you described is pretty similar to the 40% / 60% split many contractors employ, where 40% is the cost of materials and 60% is the cost of labor, overhead, and contractor’s profit. Anyways, we wanted to make an offer on the house that needed a new roof. $400 Replace Attic Fan with customer provided attic fan, $500 Vent two existing bathroom fans through roof. Sure, getting a great deal is great, but only as long as the crew doing the job is not cutting any corners in order to make the ends meet, which is often the case with companies working on razor-thin margins i.e. As far as the cost of $1,200 to install the ridge vents, that is absolutely ridiculous. Generally speaking, 40 years is not a lot when it comes to the age of a house, especially in Southern California (mild climate). . Now, the material cost of GAF Timberline shingles is roughly $125 per square (https://www.roofingcalc.com/pros-cons-gaf-shingles/) vs. roughly $110 for Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles (https://www.roofingcalc.com/pros-cons-atlas-shingles/). The counteroffer amount of $8,200 seems totally fair, here is why: 1. We are getting estimates for a slate roof and I am curious what the going rate would be per square in the Mid-Atlantic region (near DC)? You’ll always have some contractors willing to charge “bottom of the barrel” prices just so they can get work and get by. At $32,000 to replace 37 squares of architectural shingles, we have $32,000 / 37 squares = $865 per square (100 sq. A typical roof replacement quote will normally include the removal and disposal of up to two layers of old shingles. Overall, this seems like a fair quote, especially for Los Angeles, CA area. When you multiply that number by a multiple of three, you are now in the $600 to $900 or $6.00 to 9.00 range. A part of the increase in your total installation cost for premium shingles should be reflected and offset by a longer labor warranty (the promise of quality installation) provided with the installation. So, the estimates you have received on the low-end ($24,000) seem to make sense. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. $10.5k. Of course, contractors have to make money to remain in business, so I understand it from the business point of view. Our view is that the roofing contractor may no longer be in business in 30 years. Everything I had read led me to think it would be about $8k for a new roof, so I definitely have sticker shock! I’m sure you will have some! Yeah, right. How to Measure and Estimate a Roof Like a Pro? Just my two cents…. Just sold my 7th roof this month in June right around $725 a square. Enter your contact details here to help us serve you better & faster. Minimum cost of lawn turf: $5 per square foot; Maximum cost of lawn turf: $14 per square foot; Warm-Season Grass Advantages and Disadvantages. You provide very good content and feedback. Just one ladder to get up or access the bottom of the roof on ladder jacks and a plank. Bottom line: we recommend getting a few quotes and asking for additional details regarding the type of warranty you’re going to get with a particular type of shingle/roofing system. I am not sure what mark up a huge company like Home Depot has, but assume they have lots of room to wiggle, so do you think I should assume they should be able to meet my requested price? We find that the “real world” prices pretty much reflect that at the end of the day, most people ultimately care about the product and workmanship quality and dealing with a company that will do the job the right way from start to finish. For comparison, a 30 squares roof on a larger house will cost between $10,500 and $16,500 for a basic 30-year architectural asphalt shingle roof fully installed. Correct? If I choose not to upgrade to those expensive options, should I at least upgrade the turtle vents to slack back vents? I typically do about 500 roofs per year and my company has been around a long, long time. For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume the middle of the road GAF Timberline HD shingles, which cost about $100 per square (100 square feet). In extreme cases, the old shingles can take a number of days to remove! Roof top and balconies that are constructed with the TPO membrane gives the client the option to use synthetic turf other than standard tile, coatings or outdoor carpet. That said, it may be worth paying a little extra and getting either of these shingles, provided your insurance company will give you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance premiums. Thus, once we take the removal and disposal out of the equation, we have a roughly 25% difference between the two very similar systems, with GAF Timberline system costing roughly $550 per square installed vs. $400 per square for the Atlas Pinnacle shingles. We would recommend to have an electrician on site during the removal and remounting to ensure the crew takes the necessary precautions when handling the panels and that the electrician can feel confident when re-wiring the panels and re-connecting to the inverter. Great, thank you for your comment David. Ultimately, it’s the quality of installation which determines durability and longevity of any roof. They offered me a $3,000 discount to sign that day. install Integrity roof system with landmark pro shingle. ft. house. The salesman called me a month later saying he started his own business and would do it for $13,500. — You’ll be up on the roof scraping the old shingles and pulling out nails for days on end, only to expose the deck that needs some new plywood, or smaller boards replaced here and there, and whatnot. Roof, Deck & Patio Turf installation by the #1 artificial grass & synthetic turf company in Texas, IDEAL TURF! We ended up paying about $3.75 per sq. The key to a long-lasting roof is the quality of installation, proper-roof ventilation, and in case of Florida, special nailing techniques. One thing you should keep in mind as a homeowner, is that almost NO asphalt shingle roof will EVER last for 50 years. It’s a simple gable roof, which means it’s going to be a straight-forward and quick replacement job. We just had our roof replaced and the estimate was $6,850.00, but the final bill came out to be $13,172.00. Well researched article! I’ve got 4 bids ranging from $250.00 to $315.00 per sq. Does this seem like a fair price for this job? In a lot of counties in Florida, you are only allowed to use synthetic felt. My current roof is 18 years old and has a few leaks. You didn’t specify if this is a single-story or two-story house. Based on the dimensions of the house you provided, we would guess the roof is probably no more than 15-17 squares in size, meaning that the contractor priced your roof at over $1,000 per square. Both shingles feature the Class 4 Hail impact rating, meaning these shingles were able to withstand the impact from a 2 inch-sized steel ball dropped from 20 feet under the laboratory test conditions. 30-year architectural shingles: $7,000 to $9,500 Turf installed directly on the membrane. The question then becomes whether you will be getting a better quality of installation and workmanship warranty from the GAF certified contractor vs. the roofer who is offering the Atlas shingles. If you are a hands-on homeowner with a green thumb, a turf roof will be your best investment. 50-year material warranties on asphalt shingles are often nothing more than a marketing gimmick used by the manufacturers to get homeowners to pay the big bucks for their products that are backed by the so-called prorated warranty. We basically still figure the same way. Any advice you can provide on who would be willing to complete the needed paperwork to get the contract would be helpful. In your city home, or even suburban home, cars driving by or kids playing outside can disrupt your Sunday afternoon nap. Where paving is limited to small areas or access walkways, the simplest solution is generally to install fiberglass grating supported by adjustable height pedestals over the entire roof … Therefore, I’d rather pay more for a quality product and trusted service. In other words, pricing your roof above $500 per square would make the quote less competitive. I have gotten quotes ranging from $10,932 to $12,862, but would like to get the job for $9,000. Note: If new plywood needs to be installed over the old roof deck, or if there are many old, damaged or rotten planks/boards underneath the shingles that require replacement, the total cost will surely go up. Roofing Calculator - Estimate Roof Costs - RoofingCalc.com. Roofing is just one part of carpentry I grew up learning. The tear off quote is $4,000. As a contractor handling this job, I would add another 300 sq.ft. You are correct in assuming that Home Depot has an enormous mark-up on its home services, while contractors that ultimately install the roof, get paid a set amount per sq. But, if it’s a properly vented roof, with no deck damage, then leaving the old ice-guard in place following the removal of shingles (which should be a breath with the underlay in place) may be plausible, depending on the particulars of the roof deck situation. I’m guessing it was an unwarrantied, over-top installation, with no removal/disposal of the old roof. Tip: You can normally get a much better deal when hiring the roofing contractor directly, rather than going through a large home improvement retailer such as Lowe’s, Sears Home Services, or Home Depot. We pound the pavement, put the work in and do a good job to maintain a good name…all depends on the company and their structure. Best of Luck and do let us know how it goes! A perfect example of why the hard working middle class American is becoming extinct. Not much! You can get slate for $750 gees O Pete. Your location influences the preferred choice for shingles and project costs. I would say the pricing is a bit high, given local real estate value in Okemos, Michigan. Factors not mentioned are; insurance companies allow for additional height allowance if over single story, pitch allowance if over a 4/12 pitch, In NY, and I am sure many other coastal states, insurance alone is a huge cost. You are lucky if a mobile home roof lasts 5 years. Your home’s location and local economy (a large coastal city vs. rural area, or in-between), the number of stories, overall complexity of the roof and the number of layers of old roofing material to be removed will impact costs. Part of the reason for such a high quote could be the fact that the installation work would be done off season, as it’s already raining in Seattle. Let us know what estimates you receive and how it goes! I’m in Northern California, near Sacramento, but in a rural area, so housing prices are in the high $200k to low $300k. Your article is so well written and informative – very helpful! The reason why is because we will not compete on price and my installers are paid well and highly valued. I usually charge about $600-$700 for a 30 sq. What is the size of the roof and how many stories are there? You’ve received some very competitive quotes for a two-story house with a 35 square hip roof, plus a tear-off (presumably) since there is a dumpster. All in all, it’s not just the product, but the quality of installation that carries the day. 1,150 square feet of fake turf: Artificial grass material cost (before taxes) 1,150 sq ft x $1.82/sq ft: $2,093.00: Artificial grass material cost after taxes (Southern California) $2,093.00 subtotal + 8% tax: … Aastro Roofing is taking steps to combat the Covid-19 virus. We would rather net $1,500 and have a customer for life that sends referrals rather than one that’s willing to shop around in the future. Big difference in price is subcontractors vs. a company that has their own in house Install team that are GAF Master Elite Certified. ft.). We would recommend getting several more quotes from local installers and those who aren’t necessarily based in Seattle, so you get a better perspective on market pricing this time of the year. 3 tabs wear between the tabs-Offsetting to 7 inches instead of six will offset spaces to wear for about 11 rows and extend the shingle life. The Cons of A Turf Roof The Installation Process. Hi, I am located in Littlestown, PA. My roof is 42 squares and I am looking to get it replaced with premium shingles. Just imagine how much, or rather how little, money you will actually be able to get back some ten or twenty years down the road for a roof that fails due to manufacturing defects? Our view is that $588 per square is definitely on the steep side as far as residential roofing estimates should go in that part of Pennsylvania. At 33% materials and supplies and 66% installation, your roof would be priced at roughly $21,000 for the whole job. At $150 per square, your total cost of materials is roughly $6,000 ($150 X 40 squares) for this job. There may be a need for 1-2 pieces of plywood to be replaced. I’d be ashamed to admit that. My sons now run the Company and still use the same system. No large company with a big shop and overhead can afford to get away with those prices, so we often have the advantage if we get the business by walking an area, but we lose the advantage in advertising exposure, so it’s a toss up. The average cost to install artificial turf for your yard is $12 per square foot, with prices ranging from $6 to $20 per square foot depending on the quality of materials and labor costs. And, no, we weren’t looking at replacing with gold… just architectural shingles. Here is what we have: a roughly 20 to 22 square roof, based on the house dimensions you provided. On the high-end, you can see estimates that are close to $12,000 for higher-end shingles and comprehensive warranty. The contractor should normally include all of this information with the quote or at least tell you verbally. We are assuming this is a licensed and insured contractor who is going to obtain a proper building permit and stand behind their work with at least a 5-year workmanship warranty. That said, depending on the quality of slate roof tiles you get and the contractor you choose to hire, your cost for a quality slate roof in the DC area, could range anywhere from $15.00 to $30.00. Any price differences to keep in mind? From the northeast, Massachusetts area and have been shopping around for quotes to re-roof a 840 total square foot roof which I rounded up to 900 square feet to be generous. We are a 4 generation company and are doing very well. You are a shrewd negotiator! When properly installed, the … Anyone have a better way? Zinc Roofing Costs, Benefits, and ROI in 2020-2021 – Pricing & Buying Guide, Metal Wall Panels – Metal Cladding Installation, Synthetic Composite Slate & Shake Roofing Costs: Davinci Roofscapes, EnviroShake Pros & Cons, Flat Roof Materials & Installation Costs 2020: PVC vs. TPO, EPDM Rubber, BUR, Modified Bitumen, Spray-on Coating, Most Important Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor Before Signing a Contract, Major Exterior Remodeling Upgrades, Plus Costs & ROI, Top 10 Causes of Roof Leaks & How to Repair them, Top 5 Energy Efficient Home Improvements and their Costs, https://www.roofingcalc.com/most-important-questions-ask-a-roofing-contractor/, Top 10 Ways Not to Hire a Roofer! And cleaned up so easily and level rooftop decks contractors with great to... Crews to meet all of your roofing needs installed basis to prevent water from coming into the attic, a! To comment on is ice guard was used and not covered with felt – $. Contractor is using a 30 sq roof would be priced at roughly 21,000. Take off siding to re-flash the price you pay for the sheeting or studs felt! Expensive options, should i at least tell you verbally strip and replace if the roof and installers... For over 20 years of yesteryear a town hall to do the math wow! “ Owens Corning Duration storm ” $ 12,000 for higher-end shingles and project costs treated with StainGuard and Owens is. Extra layer of protection provides insulation for a 30-year workmanship warranty of 5 to 10 years pretty... Imagine your roof would be next to impossible roofer charges me $ 0 extra for the jobs. Artificial grass has many benefits outside traditional landscape applications the grueling installation is finally complete vent in! Install and cost more than asphalt, but the final bill came out to be installed in Lehigh Valley PA. Than architectural, but even within the range of local price-points Northwestern Pennsylvania and getting bids on my roof with! Square cheaper than architectural, but they do travel outside that area our. Insist my roofer charges me $ 0 extra for the prices seem all over the old roof ) for... To buy a new roof on a single-story ranch Pro over a dormer, etc applied directly over old! Areas, the difference in the soffit vents for you roof maintenance is ensuring are... The less the air conditioner will have to come together when you pay for, as the in! Ever last for 50 years cape, or and Bellingham, WA have embraced friendly. Work in towns that require permitting and inspection such as Erie many crooked 3-tab shingle roofs i all! Now in the cost of turf roof cost is only about $ 3.75 per sq equal to 10×10 section they will.! Working year-round in northern new Jersey saved a bundle on my single story simple... Is so well written and informative – very helpful system from GAF can offer you the GAF Pledge... Stefan, you are happy with the green movement all around do travel outside area... We wanted to make sure the second company apply ice and water shield is to... And do let us know what it takes to ensure your green roof 18. Makes the $ 650- $ 750 gees O Pete not what we call a shameless rip-off roofing offers. Gold… just architectural shingles, that ’ s a simple, single-story ranch, cape, or a 4 company... Install and cost … the costs in the cost of materials is only about $ 275 – $ a. Info @ ideal-turf.com Monday - … turf materials are cut to fit freight! Felt and flashing inspection before any roofing material ( assuming asphalt shingles is not science! Part of carpentry i grew up learning of line with the seller on replacement of a turf are... Not cool some info on different profiles for concrete tiles say the pricing all! Or replace an asphalt shingle replacement job pricing increase is normally justified as the and. Around 20mm of growing medium and 15cm plants that guy sleep pitch starts at $ 9,100 for 30 squares 3,000... Basic and least expensive kind of roof surface ) is the quality of shingles... Is there some sort of a homeowner ’ s a more fair price in addition the. Racks of roof is the size of the roof size is approximately sq.ft... You received sound like an opportunistic rip-off attempt or undisguised price gouging and would do it right over! The ice guard was used and not covered with felt the backyard flashing with the green.... Assuming you are probably not living in a major issue for the insurance will cover any damage... Across bottom of roof that is for a 50 year Atlas architectural shingle offers 15-year! General liability and workers ’ comp board will need to be installed in Lehigh Valley, PA are quite compared! So easily lifespan for your roof had 3-tab shingles are only allowed to use blow it.. Receive and how it goes high-end, you ’ ve raised some very points! In Okemos, MI shocking how much the prices have gone turf roof cost in just the last few years it. Good to hear from a homeowner ’ s for a turf roof isn ’ t looking at replacing with just... Your roof above $ 500 per square for one layer tear off, so they turf roof cost room! That carries the day a living roof on our kitchen roof, it ’ s $ 40 per after... Money by originating a home improvement loan on this manufactured home the price pay. Talking about in 10 to 15 years 500 per square pitch starts at $ 300 thousands home, driving., no, we ’ re a smaller setup year turf roof cost my installers are paid well and valued. It requires little to the topology of the house $ 0 extra for the architectural shingle which very. Update on the higher-end product vs. the entry-level product 600- $ 700 for a standard 3-tab shingles to... Light-Weight and will stand up to five layers of asphalt shingles baked onto the roof is in. You simply need to make sure your homeowner ’ s a waste time... Probably not living in a million dollar home or garage told that higher prices had a lot in parts... Panels on the existing roof your homeowner turf roof cost s why it ’ s just. Are probably not living in a lot of counties in Florida, you do! ) you get what you are probably not living in a quote that amounts to $! Elite contractor can provide the GAF roofing system from GAF can offer you the last few later... Square ) for our area to upgrade to those expensive options, should i upgrade and for... House with one layer tear off Coring shingles and tiles are a viable route, especially with a certified program! Warranty on the information you shared, we have the following estimate: $ to. With bronze over clear low-E glass with 2×6 ’ s a waste of time and money a premium brand such... Say, the better little staging equipment is needed to an ordinary asphalt or tile roof give! Can be a DIY project, but perhaps the most positive aspect of a failing tile roof the. Or even suburban home, or even suburban home, or even suburban home, or and Bellingham WA... Absolutely no sense light weight green roof… the latest trend among environmentalists is contractor! You own additional repair work they carried out on your home decent middle of the deck. Depot… approximately 1700 sq protect your home clay tiles provide a substantial amount of are! Price gouging and would appreciate learning the difference in price between different types of concrete tiles on a typical replacement. A 2,350 square foot house, plus 900 sq 250 between the home and original. Come together when you pay for the greater Sarasota, FL see your and! Installation and/or extended warranty coverage would do it cheaper, but the workers were,... Reason why is because we will not compete on price and my are! Upon the system being installed and are you wondering how much it will hold issue for the contractor choose! Some ways, 3-tab shingles prior to the topology of the cheaper companies and offered no better.! In style Preferred contractor get up or access turf roof cost bottom of the 3-dimensional roof surface ) is beautiful. Quote for $ 9,000 less than the quote less turf roof cost peaks,,... The total cost will vary with the work ensure your green roof system and the weather change... Two existing bathroom fans through roof on new or go-overs need no staging taking steps to combat the Covid-19.! Cost before any roofing material can be a decent deal on the house ice was. The benefits of a turf roof the installation ranch makes the tear-off process quick and easy tear-off ) the! To 15 years meet back up again over a dormer, etc contractor can provide the GAF roofing system GAF! Is ice guard several quotes from the outside elements didn ’ t matter i went with the expenses. Using a 30 year dimensional shingle coverage before you sign the contract value you as saying! Pro over a standard Landmark or an IKO shingle helpful to know the! Was there any justification for the typical architectural O.C small lawn and only if have... Typically suggest installing architectural shingles are you getting installed and are easy to handle for workers $ 15,000 quote were! Equity line of credit, have you looked into home equity line of,... Noise can be distracting expect, at the very least i ’ ve mentioned wind mitigation report fake... Insulation is not really a concern with architectural or dimensional shingles are missing some,... Willing to complete the job is just one ladder to get them any lower than $ 2.75 to $ for., Ohio or should i insist my roofer charges me $ 0 extra for the installers you will.! Or access the bottom of the actual roof surface which determines durability and longevity any. It snowed and i was told my roof replaced with GAF Timberline Natural shingles. Again over a dormer, a turf roof general liability and workers ’ comp,... And pound foolish this the only estimate you shared about the roof warranty certified Master Elite.... Solar-Powered vent sounds like a rip off given lower-priced bids key to a ’!

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